what DO normal people do?

July 28, 2011 § 4 Comments

We bought a house! Did I forget to mention that? We did. It’s adorable, we are settling in, the backyard has lemons, blackberries, plums, and in the fall there should be apples, and I did this to the staircase:

Yes, that is glitter. Being a grownup is awesome.

If you’re in a chipper mood, skip the rest of this and just bask in the glory of that red glitter staircase.

Now, for the emo crowd: I’m not racing right now.  I’m not particularly happy about it, either.

On & off since 2008, I have struggled with heart palpitations on the bike. At first they seemed stress-related, then they seemed related to not enough sleep, then to too much intensity, and earlier this year they seemed to be related to stress again. Starting around June it became painfully clear that they were not related to just one thing, and they were not going away. Suddenly they didn’t only happen on the bike; they happened while I was walking around, while I was just sitting on the couch in my living room. And they started getting worse.

Turns out that my heart has a short circuit that makes it pump up to 300 beats per minute. The highest number my heart rate monitor recorded was 292 — not exactly what you want to see when you’re riding along in zone 2. My condition is fortunately not life-threatening, and is treatable with a minor procedure on my heart (I didn’t realize that there were minor procedures for the heart; I guess it’s all relative). Unfortunately I can’t have the procedure until late August, and I can’t ride on the road until I have it because there is a very real possibility that I will lose consciousness and crash. If I’m honest with myself, my season is over.

For the first time since 2004, I have a summer that isn’t devoted to racing. I have forgotten what people do when they are not racing crits all summer. Right now I’m fixing up the house, but I can only do so many projects before I’m going to go stir-crazy. Help me out, folks, I need summertime activities that don’t involve my bike.

§ 4 Responses to what DO normal people do?

  • Cheflandria says:

    Take care of what needs to be taken care of Ellis. You are such a nice person and with a very big heart (just thought you’d like that in a good way). A real genuine person. Congrats on your new home! Swimming in the summer sounds like a fun thing to do! 🙂 Take care and love reading your blog. 🙂

  • Cheflandria says:

    I just realized I misspelled your name! Sorry…Elis!

  • Meg S. says:

    This is the perfect time to begin learning those fun “old-lady” skills like embroidery. You’ll only be down for a short, short while but until then you can definitely get the basics in so that when you finally and truly become an old lady, when such a skill will become adequately appreciated by your arthritic friends, you’ll have a prime-of-your-life foundation to build upon!

  • EB says:

    Thanks, Angela! Hope to see you out there again soon…we are toying with ‘cross if I recover in time.

    Meg, I have been sewing & drawing up cross-stitch patterns like crazy. I’m going to make a bunting for the breakfast nook, a cross-stitch with our monkier on it, I turned these into real napkins & I’m going to finish this

    Plus I have a gift to make for a friend. So, yeah, I’m gettin’ my old lady on. Good call. 😉

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