Redlands take two

April 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

General: It’s hot down here. This wussy bay area girl is melting. I love host housing, especially when we have a pool and dogs and the sweetest hosts ever.

Prologue: I took almost a minute off my 2008 time, and probably could have taken more if I’d paced a little better. When I saw the 500m to go sign halfway up the hill I actually considered stopping to take a little break before continuing. Fortunately I fought the urge, as that would have been bad.

Stage 1: Gravity sucks. So do dumb mistakes. Gravity plus dumb mistake equals road rash. Damn damn damn. Before I crashed, though, I was with the pack on the second lap, and I’d helped my teammates, and I was feeling very good about my race, so I shouldn’t complain.Plus, we got second in the stage AND we took the sprinter’s jersey, and I get to celebrate because I did a few things to help! Tomorrow is the crit. Mmmmmm, crits.


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