called out

March 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

Okay, okay, I’m used to Rand calling me out, but if I’m going to get called out on THE blog then I guess I’d better say something. It’s just that…well, there are only so many ways to talk about the limited-activity life of a bike racer. And after four (I think) years of blogging I’ve covered most of the creative ones. It is fine for me to bore me, but I don’t know why you should be put in that position.

Plus, I gave up snark for Lent. Seriously. That puts a huge damper on my writing skills.

Anyway, here’s my March in a nutshell:

– Merco! My favorite race of the year, particularly the crit. Stage races are historically not my thing, but I enjoyed this one. The last two stages in particular were good for me (9th in the crit & 7th in the road race), but I can tell you exactly where I lost out on the top 5 both days. It gets me pretty fired up to talk about, though, so I don’t suggest that you ask…

Here I am (blurred between Ina & Coryn) trying to make up ground in the crit finish. Seventh, eighth & ninth place came down to a bike throw. Guess who has short stubby arms?

– Two weeks without racing. I bummed around with my guy and my friends. I figured out how to use my sewing machine a little better, worked on half-finished crafts projects, made homemade Nutella and jam (this reminds me, I have an entire series of posts that I want to write and file under “I have other interests.” Haven’t done it yet. Again, it’s not wanting to bore anybody; do you really want to see a photo of the bunny slippers I made?). And I trained. It was completely fantastic.

– Land Park. What a cold, wet, windy, miserable day! I mentored the women 4 early in the morning, and by the time my race started I was so cold I didn’t know if I’d make it past the first lap. Then the whistle blew and all systems were go – how does that happen? Forty-five minutes later we had half a lap to go, a solo rider attacked before the turns, and I went to bridge. As I came out of the turns, the pack  came up on my wheel with my teammate Marissa at the front giving directions for me to lead out. I came through the last corner first & when she jumped around me there was a gap that I was able to slot into, and I swept her wheel to the line. We finished first & second. Hard to beat that!

Tomorrow at an hour I would rather not speak of I will leave for Redlands. And that’s my March.


§ 3 Responses to called out

  • R. says:

    I want to hear about/see the bunny slippers!!

  • beth says:

    you are more of a pushover than me. i get bullied by norcalcyclingnews at least once a day to update bethbikes, and look when my last post was. don’t succumb to THE MAN.

  • EB says:

    Pushover? I’d say I’m more of a closet vanity case. Trying to stay relevant without admitting that I want the attention…

    Bunny slippers soon! They’re cute. Apple green. 🙂

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