Quick travel dispatch

October 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

We are LOVING our trip so far. Have a couple minutes on the interwebs & wanted to share a quick exchange we had with a Singapore taxi driver at 2AM.

Him (after learning we were from the US): “Oh, you like Madonna?”
Us: “Yeah, we love Madonna!”
Him: “Madonna is right by your hotel!!”
Us (thinking we didn’t think we were going to that nice of a hotel, but it would be cool if we were and even better if Madonna were indeed nearby): “Oh wow, really? The singer?”
Him (pausing slightly): “Yes!”
Exhausted from the flights, we forget about the exchange until we can see our hotel a few blocks away and he slows the cab to a crawl, points out the window at a McDonalds and shouts: “See, look! Madonna!!”
…welcome to Singapore, Americans! You’re going to like it here just fine.

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