I’m still not sure about Santa, but dreams can come true

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, guys? We’re finally going to Borneo.

For the two of you who have either blocked out or for whatever reason I haven’t subjected to my ramblings on the subject, this trip is long overdue. We have been trying to get there for the last three years but things kept coming up and we kept having to put it off. But now? Now? Tickets are purchased, hotels have been booked, and we’re going. We leave in about three weeks.

We happened to luck into a package that will also get us a few days in tropical-paradise-Bali & don’t-get-caned-Singapore. Recently, it clicked that for our one week deep in the jungle I will have another week sunning myself on the beach in a very small piece of red fabric held together by strings:

What was I thinking?* (suit by American Apparel)


Starting this morning, I have three weeks to complete what I like to call Project Too Little, Too Late (PTLTL). The full routine is a trade secret, but I can tell you that it entails a strict regimen of self-tanner, skin-firming lotion, crunches and chanting.

Wish me luck.

* Obviously I wasn’t thinking much when I bought the suit, but if I’ve learned anything from Rand Miller it is how to be a mediocre bike racer. If I have learned a second thing from Rand Miller, it is that photos of hot girls make your blog more popular.


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