Pest control

August 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

We recently had a bit of an aphid explosion on our porch. While that wasn’t great for the plants, it did allow me to overhear this gem of an exchange between Bret & a nursery employee:

Bret: Do you have ladybugs?

Nursery guy: Nope. It’s too late in the summer to get more. What do you need them for?

B: My plants are crawling with aphids. They’ve taken over.

NG: Oh. If it’s that bad then your plants are probably going to die anyway, so the ladybugs wouldn’t help very much.

B: Yeah. The plants are basically dead at this point.

NG: You can put a plastic bag over the whole plant to kill the bugs…but if the plants are already dead, why bother?

B: (shrugs) Revenge.


§ One Response to Pest control

  • meg says:

    I know you can put some regular ol’ dish soap and water in a spray bottle and spray plants. We had bazillions of nasty lil aphids on our roses and the next day they were all gone. I’m basically a magician, is what I’m saying.

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