Here kitty kitty

August 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

A few nights ago I probably let myself get talked out of racing Patterson Pass (probably as in ow, ow, stop twisting my arm but I can still be talked into it ’cause I secretly like feeling bad about myself). If I don’t end up at the race, I am likely to do a long, hard ride with Bret.  He’s been on injured reserve for a little while so we’re long overdue for one of those.

Many of our long, hard (heh) rides end with us climbing out of Orinda via Wildcat Canyon and descending Euclid into the UC Berkeley campus. For those of you who are not intimately familiar with the hidden treasures Berkeley has to offer, allow me to introduce you to the Don:

photo from albill's photostream

The Don (Smilodon californicus, for all you paleogeeks) is the gatekeeper to this side of the hills. Check out the way he holds his paw in the air. It’s only natural that anybody passing by on their way to or from Euclid would want to greet him with a high-five; for good luck if you are at the beginning of a ride and a victory slap if you’ve already conquered a ride. We prefer to hit him on the way home, so that we slap the back of his paw. He’s less sharp in that direction.  I once tried to give him a multi-part jive handshake, and nearly ate shit on the ground in front of him. Best to keep it simple.

Recently, Bret rode solo while I was off racing somewhere. His route ended with the Wildcat-Euclid combo, and so he went to give the Don the traditional paw tap. The Don looked a little different this time:

photo by Bret

Apparently we aren’t as original as we would like to think.


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