feeling a bit the brat

May 11, 2010 § 2 Comments

Last week at the Port Ride (or “POO”, or “PoO”…I can’t keep up with the preferred name), my computer sensor ended up hitting my spokes & making a clicking noise. Not a huge deal, but somewhat annoying and something I definitely would have stopped to fix…except that a particularly annoying character insisted on riding up to me every few minutes and telling me to stop and fix it.

This character also happened to be someone whose, let’s say flightly, riding style frequently catches my attention. However, I’ve managed to keep the snark to myself (and if you know me, you know how hard that can be). And even if this weren’t the case, if you are riding at the port and have the oxygen to harp on the noise somebody’s bike is making? You’re doing it wrong.

He probably didn’t realize it, but every time he tried to enlighten me about how much my clicking bike was impacting his ride he just made me go a little longer without stopping to fix it. He also greatly increased the likelihood of my sitting on his wheel. Was this the most mature course of action? Certainly not. Was it satisfying? Oh hell yes.

And then he went home and posted this to the Facebook page about the ride: “If your bike is making a loud clicking sound, pull over and fix it.” Hm. I don’t know what he thought he’d accomplish by that, but he made himself the butt of quite a few jokes on Saturday.

As for the ride tonight? Well buddy, I have friends, and now it’s on:


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