The dream dictionary is ill-equipped for this one.

April 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

Last night I dreamt that — after answering a riddle presented by a naked man in the hot tub — I had to cross a post-apocalyptic wasteland with another person in order to find an abandoned dog.

We hiked up an abandoned road to an underpass littered with the shells of semi trucks. Our flashlights didn’t give off enough light to see much, but we could hear something moving & knew that the pup was there. (Can you feel the suspense building? I totally could.) After much cooing and offering of treats, the dog came close enough for us to assess the situation.

What had we come all this way to rescue? A three-footed weiner dog wearing a clown suit:

(photo from Tularoo's photostream)

(Yes, of course there would be photos of weiner dogs in clown suits on the internet. Technology, I owe you a beer.)

In theory, everything in your dream is a part of yourself.  Of course, this little bit of knowledge leaves me with many more questions than answers. Or is it many questions I don’t want answered? I forget. In any case, I present you with the following quiz:

  • 1) What part of me is best represented by a weiner dog?
  • 1.a) Does the fact that the weiner dog is missing a foot change your answer?
  • 2) What part of me is best represented by a clown suit?
  • 3) Why must my subconscious force me to ask questions like these?

Thanks for your participation. These will be graded on a curve.


§ 2 Responses to The dream dictionary is ill-equipped for this one.

  • randmiller says:

    1. Your Napoleonic ego
    1a. My Napoleonic ego could beat yours in a footrace.
    2. The last few years of wearing a Metromint kit (see my YouTube video of ManBearParnes for reference)
    3. Just get really, REALLY drunk. Your subconscious will actually speak in the real world, not just the dream one.

  • Meg says:

    1) Whichever long and slender toe or finger you find most adorable and cuddle worthy. Perhaps the one with the daisy?
    1a.) No ways. Confirms it, even.
    2) Panda ears, obviously.
    3) It’s what dreams do, hon! How would we remember them if they weren’t full of weiner dogs and clown suits? Or, rather, why would we want to?

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