Of cabbages and kings*

March 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

I was recently informed that my blog started sucking in the past month. Apparently the person who told me hasn’t been paying attention, because I’m pretty sure that my blog has been sucking for longer than that. If I had to pin down the moment the suckage began, I’d say it was when I signed up for Facebook. It’s much easier to convince yourself that you’re saying something clever with limited characters; here I can just blather on and on and on and…

Wait, what was I saying?

Ah yes, the blog suckage. Generally having a crappy blog bodes well for my real life. After years of unofficial “research,” I’ve determined that the internet is little more than a melting pot of complaints (see: Exhibit A). Don’t get me wrong, I like to complain. I would go so far as to count whining among my hobbies. It fills time, it’s simple — the perfect activity for when you’ve got nothing going on.

However, when I’m happy I’ve got plenty going on. My time is full of real-life fun things, and that leaves little time or reason to blog. (On second thought, there would be plenty of time to blog — lord knows I manage to keep up with every. single. update. on Facebook — but with nothing to whine about I don’t feel like a particularly captivating writer.) I’m sure blog-worthy things happen to me all the time, but when they’re one in a series of good things happening they’re just not memorable. Maybe that’s a sad way to look at it, but it’s true. It’s difficult to capture happy moments in words, because you don’t want to interrupt them to think, you just live them.**

There’s also the fact that I inherited my Grandpa’s (meandering, tangent-filled, punchline-forgetting) knack for storytelling, which has been a source of laughter for my family for years. The kind of laughter that happens at you, not with you. So a lack of posts on my part is probably in your best interest.

Anyway, this is my (meandering, tangent-filled, punchline-less) way of saying I’ll try harder. Brace yourself for a bunch of awkward anecdotes and kitty-cat photos!***

* This is the only line of the poem I remember, and it’s been knocking around my brain all morning, drowning out any appropriate titles that may have otherwise had a shot.

** See? This is the kind of drivel that comes out when I try to write about happy things. Really makes my writing sparkle, no?

*** All complaints should be directed to Rand. My posting more was his idea.

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