March 2, 2010 § 4 Comments

My result from this weekend is much easier to interpret than last week’s.

The last time I finished the Snelling Road Race with the field was in 2006, when I was a 3. I got ninth that year and was beyond excited. Then I upgraded, and the next three years were a totally different story; all three years I was dropped before the end of the first lap. Those years hurt.

Despite the ego-bruising I have come to accept from Snelling, I came back this year. I tried not to expect the worst, or anything really; I was just there to help out my new teammates and show off those lovely Touchstone kits:


The nice thing about being consistently dropped in the first lap of a particular race is that if you DO hang on through the first lap you get to feel like a total badass. While everybody else is grimacing at the manure flying up off the road and cursing the fact that we are going harder than I would like to thank you very much, you’re celebrating your first little victory of the day — you get to see lap 2! Then, with each new lap that you’re still clinging to the field, you win again! And again!

(Of course, after a couple laps you get excited and go with a few moves, and by the last lap — the one that counts — you’ve got nothin’ left for the finish, or even to lead out. But that’s okay, you already won 5 times, one at the end of each lap! Then two days later those little victories(!) still feel fresh enough to make you abuse exclamation points while blogging about the event.)

And that, my friends, is how you measure progress.


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