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October 9, 2009 § 1 Comment

Remember how these bloggy things used to work, how we’d share goofy little facts about our lives and funny stories? That was back in 1 B.FB.*, right? Back in the day.

Anyway, the personal blog. This one is mine, though you might not be able to tell so much since it has been taken over by pandas. (Speaking of which, I do have quite possibly the adorable-est panda yet and will post as soon as I remember to upload the photo.) At the moment most of my personal minutiae does not feel important enough to blog about, but that last post has been sitting here for more than two months. Ouch.

So…this Sunday marks one year since the day I up and married my sweet Mr. Man. He’s even cuter now than he was that day, if you can imagine:We’re headed up north for the weekend (Big Sur was booked — all of it). I can’t wait.

Since I still haven’t mastered this thing that some people call “relaxation,” I have been running during my time off the bike. Inspired by a marathon-running friend, I decided that I wanted to run my own personal half-marathon before my on-bike training started up again. Yesterday I ran 13 miles and some change. Today I am walking funny.

I don’t think the two are related.

I have added cross-stitch to my growing list of hobbies that will prepare me for little-old-ladyhood. It’s fun. Have you seen these Subversive Cross Stitch patterns? They make it more fun. And I found a pattern generator, which means I can come up with my own snarky sayings. Muah-ha-ha.

This Life List project really inspired me, and I recently started my own list. So far it includes mostly modest and achievable things (like learning Morse code, so I can cross-stitch snarky messages in Morse code – I’m going to take the joke so far that it isn’t funny anymore!).

That’s all.

* If you didn’t immediately realize that this stands for “Before FaceBook,” go get yourself a cookie. You have earned it.


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