January 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

There’s a dead spider next to my kitchen sink.

He’s laying on the little stripe of tile between the sink & the wall so it isn’t like he is on the counter where we prepare food or anything like that. He’s a little wisp of a thing, not in the way, you’d hardly notice if you didn’t know he was there.

I first saw him Monday morning, early, while I was making breakfast. His eight little legs were all curled up around his little sesame-seed body, but when I reached over to dispose of him one little leg jerked out toward me as though he were asking me to wait, telling me he just needed a minute to pull himself together. I left the little guy in peace and went on with my morning routine.*

Tuesday I didn’t throw him away because I couldn’t stand to see the little leg come out again if by some miracle he were still hanging on.

Wednesday I thought it might be funny to wait for the arachnophobic Mr. Man to find the teeny spider body near the kitchen sink. (Maybe that’s a little wicked, but tell me you’ve never hidden behind a door just to jump out & scare the daylights out of somebody. Don’t judge me!)

By Thursday checking on him became part of my morning routine — still there, still dead.

Today I decided to name him Frank.

*By “went on with my morning routine” I mean “forgot about him until Tuesday morning.”


§ 2 Responses to Frank

  • LAUREN says:

    i do that with spiders in the shower. leave them, until they float down the drain on their own.poor frank.

  • X Bunny says:

    the worst thing is when you’re in bed and look up and see a spider on the ceilinga live one, i meando you get up and deal with it, or do you just say, well it’s on HIS side of the bed so i’ll probably be ok…..

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