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December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

Golden Globe nominations are out, and Robert Downey Jr. got a nod for his role in Tropic Thunder. Which is a seriously funny movie that everybody should watch, and which he was fantastic in.

But…it’s blackface, people. I just can’t reconcile his great performance with the fact that he is the only “black” face nominated in his category. Come again? Maybe I’m not qualified to comment on that, after all I didn’t see many new movies in the last year, the movie did deconstruct/mock the concept of blackface to an extent and his acting truly was impressive, but seriously? The only black character to be nominated for best supporting actor is played by a white guy?


And now that I’m on this tangent, anybody else bothered by the white dog as hero, black cat as sidekick in Bolt? I mean, how many pure white dogs do you know?

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