Just how long does this patience thing take, anyway?

June 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

Seriously. At what point can I say I’ve been patient and I want something now?

I’m waiting to recover from a cold. And to get my stimulus check from the government (’cause I filed before they decided to give them and and to pay and therefore decided to send a check). And to get some good results. And to make a doctor’s appointment. And to go camping in a few weeks. And and and.

And I’m realizing that I only write on my blog anymore when I’m cranky. Why is it that cranky is the only emotion I feel like sharing with everybody? Plenty of good stuff happens to me, but I guess I get too caught up in the good to dwell on it long enough to write it down.

So good things are happening. I’m going to race again this weekend after two weeks of good training. I’m excited. Nevada City is going to kick my ass, I just hope it’s in a good way. Monday I was sick enough to stay home from work and Mr. Man and Mr. Merckxie stayed home to take care of me, and I slept all day and when I wasn’t sleeping all I had to do was open my mouth to whine and I’d get a backrub (Mr. Man) or a headbutt (Merckx). Timbear whined back in solidarity. I get to eat my dad’s BBQ on Saturday night. Cherries are bright red and on sale.

None of that required any patience.

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