revisiting (minor) traumas

June 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

When I was about 4 years old and my brother was 2 (baby brother still hanging out in my mom), my father took the two of us to see a Jim Henson movie. Jim Henson, the muppet guy. We’re a big muppet family. Should be a lot of fun, right?

Which Jim Henson movie was it? The Dark Crystal.

We made it all the way until the skeksis strip the robes of one of their own before Dad had to herd his wailing children out of the theater. The image of a naked skeksis has been burned into my memory for years. I didn’t remember anything else about the movie.

I’ve since heard that our experience wasn’t very unique; lots of people went to see the movie thinking it would be a lot like The Muppet Show. The movie didn’t have a lot of success at the time. After our nightmares, my brother & I avoided it for more than twenty years. (Our baby brother who wasn’t born yet when we went to see it? He loves the movie.)

Last night while I was waiting in line to buy some groceries I browsed through a stand of impulse-buy DVDs. The Dark Crystal was there. I bought it and watched it for the first time.

Damn skeksis still give me nightmares.

(Go here to see skeksis, but don’t say you weren’t warned.)


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