April 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m a complete and total shoe whore. Not a shoe floozy, not a shoe tramp, but a shoe whore. It’s an affliction deeply rooted in love (for shoes).

After a good long run (nearly ten years), I retired my little black sneakers this week. Now I have a shiny new pair of white sneakers. They’re comfy and look cute and ought to last another ten years, which is perfect.

After wearing them for a day, though, I remembered that white sneakers come with their own set of risks. Looking like a nurse or a little old lady, for one (this is especially true when your big, poofy hair has just been cut shorter so you feel slightly old-lady-nursish anyway). The fact that they look a little douchey when paired with socks that are anything other than white (have I mentioned that I don’t own plain white socks? I don’t.).

They also come packaged with a silly fear of anything that might possibly get them dirty, which in my life means, oh, everything.

The dirty part ought to work out in my favor, though; white sneakers go with a lot more colors of sock when they are scuffed. Maybe they just need that cute pair of olive mary-janes to inspire them…

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