Tyler Hamilton almost gave me a black eye

March 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well, actually I guess it was really the guy Tyler was throwing his arm warmers to who almost clocked me, but that isn’t nearly as dramatic, is it?

After two successful (by my standards — goals were met, legs were cooked) races, I am in my hotel room in San Dimas completely unsure about whether I’ll be allowed to start the crit tomorrow. Officially I did not make the 5% time cut (or the 8% cut after they extended it). High Road can rest easy knowing they’re safe from my killer sprint in the crit…

Our very own Amanda Eaken took fifth, second in the field sprint & first non-High Road finisher. Rock on.

Cross your fingers, folks, tomorrow I’m going to have to hope my charm goes up to 11.

PS, many thanks to Courtenay for pulling my blitzed self around the course for the last couple laps.

PPS, when facing a time cut, Starburst can really ease the pain.

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