When it rains

March 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

UPDATE: JENNA IS SAFE! Thanks everybody for the help & concern.

…it really pours. This is from an email Amber Rais (Team Tibco) sent out; her sister has gone missing. Please keep an eye out, and let’s all look out for each other a little extra right now, huh? Lots of bad juju running around right now.

My sister Jenna is missing. She lives in SF with her two roommates and
is an avid cyclist who rides often with the local group rides there.
Last year, she raced the Timpani Crit with Village Peddler as a Cat 4,
and I believe she also raced with Mt. Tam hillclimb this year, also as
a Cat 4.

She is 24, 5’10” tall with curly brown hair and blue eyes. She was
last seen walking away from her apartment in SF without phone, wallet
or car wearing a light green sundress. Her car recently disappeared
and it is not known whether she took the car or not, but her purse
phone and wallet are still at her apartment and she has not returned,
nor has she shown up to her place of work in Albany.

She may or may not be driving her car, which is a 2000 white Toyota
Camry lic#4JEU089. SFPD 415-558-5508.

Please contact any friends of yours who may know cyclists in SF or who may know her. If you see Jenna or her car, or if you have any other information, please call the police.

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.



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