nothing is a dirty little secret if you say it out loud

January 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

There is one guy in my office who likes really sweet, milky, weak coffee. Everybody else likes it so strong it will put hair on your chest.

When Mr. Froofroocoffeepants asks me to make him coffee, I just hang out in the kitchen for a while so it seems like I’m brewing a new pot, then I pour hot water into the stronger coffee, adulterate the hell out of it with milk and sweetener and bring it out.

He also says he hates soy milk & non-dairy creamer and will only use real milk or half-and-half in his wimpy coffee, but I have it on good authority that he can’t tell the difference.


I get an office this week. A real office, with walls. I mean, the walls are glass and I will be sharing it with another person, but still, it’s an office.

Unfortunately my monitor will be pretty darn visible to passers-by no matter which desk I sit at, which is really going to cut into my internet time. And I’m worried that having my internet time cut will create a sudden and conspicuous increase in productivity. Can you be filed for past laziness?


Last night I made macaroni & cheese for dinner. The real stuff, not out of a box. By golly that was tasty…I mean is tasty. And will probably be tasty for a while, because I still have about 1.25 quarts left (not that I measured that exactly, but I have about half of my 2.5-quart dish still full of it). Cheezy, oozy, melty goodness. With nowhere to go, really, because I realized the other day as I was putting up more soup that I have no idea as to how Mr. Man and I will be able to eat our way through the food I have made and then frozen “for later.” When exactly is this later? I better hope I get some serious soup cravings in the next couple months.


You can make pesto out of anything. I bet you could even make it out of bacon.


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