observations from last night’s ride

December 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

It is cold out there!

Lauren has inspired me to be freaked out about mountain lions on Skyline, and to sing the “no mountain lions” song to myself in the dark.

When I wasn’t worrying about cougars, the night sky is breathtakingly beautiful.

My iPod is uncannily synced with my workouts.

When I ride through the neighborhoods that are decked out with holiday decorations I don’t mind that we haven’t put any up this year.

When my light says it lasts for “seven hours on low” it means “five hours on low”.

Two hours One hour is too long to go without a pee stop. (Edited after today’s ride.)

On the less traveled roads, when it is dark, I am actually happy to have the occasional car pass me.

I can’t hear the alarm on my heart rate monitor until it is too late.

The way my light shines through trees makes it look like it’s snowing.



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