why bother?

December 10, 2007 § Leave a comment

I was just out running errands on my lunch break — post office, bank, grocery store, return a few calls — and this being San Francisco, I have to cross a few streets to get anything done. So I’m walking back after completing my tasks, leaving a message for someone who called me, and I come to a crosswalk where I have the green light.

And so I start to cross the street.

A man in a shiny white SU-Me starts to make a right turn against his red light, sees me stepping off the curb, and stops. No big deal, happens all the time. I didn’t even register it, to be honest.

We have no problem.

I am a few steps into the crosswalk, with several seconds remaining to cross (as per the countdown on the pedestrian sign), when I hear a muffled voice ranting and complaining. I ignore it; I have no problem. Taking a few more steps and coming up on the drivers’ side of the SU-Me waiting to make a right turn, I realize he is ranting at me. For crossing on a green light. I guess my first step was a little outside the crosswalk, and despite the fact that he did not hit me or even register on my radar, I mortally offended him. And so he started loudly ranting at me, as I crossed the street with a green light.

None of which surprised or bothered me, really. It’s the holidays, people get stupid and cranky (the behavior isn’t condoned, but it is expected). What really surprised me is that without missing a beat, I turned around, put the phone down and hollered back at him about opening his damn eyes like I do this kind of thing all the time (I don’t). I didn’t even realize I was doing it until it was done.

Happy holidays…


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