ode to the midday nap

November 7, 2007 § Leave a comment

There is a little hallway on our floor that no one uses. It doesn’t go anywhere, really, and there are no doors along it. I have no idea why the person who designed our building even bothered to put it there. Since they did, though, someone should really exploit the hell out of it.

Actually, someone tried a while back. When I first started working here one of my coworkers used to go back into this hallway to talk on her cell phone. One time (before I started) she saw a body with a coat pulled over the top half of it and called the security guard. It turned out that the body belonged to a very much alive woman from the office next door who was just trying to take a nap, and who was not happy to have that nap interrupted by the downstairs security guard.

I’ve begun to take naps in this lonely little hallway, right around 2pm when everyone else is hitting the post-lunch coma. But I’ve learned from the previous woman’s mistakes; I never cover my face. Sure, I have my little picnic blanket that I bring with me and lay down (it also works in the park when the weather is nice), and I’ll bunch up my jacket for a pillow, but I always make sure to keep my face exposed to anyone who might happen upon me. That way, I figure, they will be able to tell that I am not a dead body, and either they or the security guard if they call him will recognize me as belonging to our floor and hopefully leave me to nap in peace.


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