lost coast

October 3, 2007 § Leave a comment

Wow. That was incredible. The whole stash of photos (with some of the commentary I like to think is clever) are up on our photo page, but here’s a little sampling of the weekend.

The road up to the trailhead was in the style of Mr. Toad’s wild ride . Despite all the warnings we read about how to spot the tough-to-see entrance and our certainty that we wouldn’t miss it, we had to backtrack to find it.
Lucky for us, that meant not a whole hell of a lot of people go up that way.
After a little confusion with the self-registration (okay, I know that we put money in the little envelope, but how much money?), we hiked in on the one trail through the wilderness area and discovered that my lack of map made absolutely no difference. One worry down.

There’s no way to describe the beauty of this whole area. We tried and tried to get a little piece with the camera, knowing all the time that it was impossible. Once we set out, it seemed like we had the trail and the park completely to ourselves.

This is our fabulous little camp. Thankfully there wasn’t anyone there (it’s all first-come first-served and the next camp was seven miles up the trail), ’cause I completely underestimated the scale. When they say “Anderson creek camp” they mean that there is a little rock fire ring (yeah, right, I’m making a fire out here…) and barely space for my two-person tent. What space there is is sandwiched between a widowmaker with a half-exposed root system and a bubbling creek.

Plan A was to stay both nights in the backcountry, but it was supposed to rain and Mr. Man wanted to have a campfire. Since I wasn’t about to light a real fire out there and he’d just spent a day indulging one of his passions (that would be me), I agreed to pack up early and head back to the beach campground at the trailhead. It ended up being a good thing, too, ’cause that night it rained hard and it’s pretty likely that the more treacherous sections of the trail were washed out. That would have been ugly. Plus…blackberries!

And of course, we made several new friends…

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