Even if you can’t go to Chico this weekend…

September 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

You can send them a note to thank them for their support. And registration is only $25, which would go to a club that went out of its way to show that it values women’s racing…

Contact: Rodney Cox lorrod7@comcast.net

Hi, Rodney —

I’ve been meaning to write you to thank you, Chico Corsa and anyone else involved in the decision to provide equal prize money for the pro/1/2(/3) men’s and women’s races. It is definitely something that has been noticed and appreciated by racers, and you deserve kudos and recognition for that.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that the timing of your race might prevent the registration numbers from demonstrating racers’ appreciation; many people I have spoken with consider their racing season “over” after the Giro or the Mt. Tam Hillclimb (after six or seven months of racing), and are already off their bikes. The long season we’re lucky enough to have in the NCNCA is fantastic, but isn’t always ideal for a club trying to get a new race going at either extreme. In scanning through the pre-registration lists they all look a little more sparse than I would like, which I attribute to the late date of the race.

I know that I personally have been planning to head up to your race (three-hour one-way drive and all!), but have been fighting off a cold in the last few days. As of this moment the cold is winning and I probably will not be able to race. Still, I am going to pre-register right now to show my support for what you and your club are doing to support women’s racing, and I am going to post this letter to my blog (where I previously posted about your offering equal prize money for the men and women and encouraged more women to show up for the race). Hopefully I will be able to be there on Sunday and say my thanks in person, but if not, please know that I recognize, appreciate and support what you are doing, and please share my thanks with your club as well.

Have a great race,
the Panda


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