When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me…

July 30, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’ve been assuming an awful lot lately and it’s finally catching up with me. It started at Albany, when I assumed that the strategies I used to sprint for myself in the last two years would hold constant for this year. Apparently not, but now I know.

Then this weekend I skipped out on a beginner session at the track to go on some nice, long rides on my new bike, which I am just totally in love with. Less than halfway through the ride on Saturday, I went to clean off my back wheel after Mr. Man and I went through some glass. I could do it on my old bike, so of course I should be able to do it on the new bike, right? Not so much. The seat tube is much thicker on the Marin but cuts away to allow the wheel some clearance, and sure enough I caught my hand in that little tiny space, locked up my wheel and bounced along the chip seal. It could have been about a million times worse, but it was also completely preventable if I hadn’t assumed…

In any case, the riding was beautiful and while we didn’t get as much time in as we’d originally hoped (’cause apparently I get kinda whiny when I’m sore and battered), we didn’t slouch either. And next time I think I’ll take my chances with a flat.


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