Have you seen my driver’s license?

July 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

It abandoned me.

Last night I got home from a real and true easy recovery ride, finally (don’t…want to…go…slow…), and my license was gone. Hm, that kinda sounds like the intro to that one King Missile song. Anyway, it must have fallen out of my pocket or something while I was toodling around, and of course it was too late to retrace the route when we got home. I’ll go back tonight, but I’ve already resigned myself to suffering through the hell that is the DMV on Monday. I am holding out home that Lauren might come across it, ’cause I was in your neck of the woods on my ride last night, and it’s so pretty up there that my license may have decided that it didn’t want to be urban anymore and set up camp near the canyon.

In other news, I’m currently sporting a really hot bruise on my chin, which I accidentally bashed into the top of my steertube during last night’s ride. Still getting used to my purr-purr new bike. It’s waaaaaaay too good for my clumsy ass. Luckily I didn’t lose any more teeth (four times knocking them loose and/or out is enough for my lifetime, thanks).

Don’t these things come in threes? I’m still on alert…


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