warm and fuzzy

July 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

Holy crap, during my twenty minutes of the Carrera, before the varmint and uncloseable gaps (aah, bike racing) I pretty much hated myself for signing up for all three races this weekend (and I think I might have said something to that effect out loud). Now that I’m home I’m actually kind of looking forward to tomorrow in a sick and twisted kind of way. Dammit.

So, the final word about last year’s little fiasco at the Cloterium is that it’s over…today she did the right thing. It took me completely off-guard, but after more than a year she said that she’s gained enough experience racing to believe that she had made a mistake and wanted to make it right. She came by, apologized and handed me an envelope. I was shocked, but really appreciated the gesture and the fact that she really seemed to have thought about it, and that she actually had the courage to approach me and discuss it. We both explained our positions and I apologized for the things that I could have handled better, and then we had a good little chat about bikes. So, I’m, uh, going to say hi to her now when I see her, and not waste so much energy being bitter. What a relief.

Mr. Man is okay after his crash. His bike, perhaps not so much. Anyone have a spare Salsa dropout or two?


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