I’m gonna get me a meerkat.

July 6, 2007 § Leave a comment

Mr. Man and I opted out of the traditional 7/4 festivities (and races) and went to the Oakland Zoo instead. We arrived just in time to watch these little guys eat lunch:

Holy crap are they cute (oh, and, uh, no need for neuticles here…there’s a reason that photo is cropped at the hips!). I spent some quality time in the “children’s” tube where you can get down to their level, and a few of them came over to the glass to make friends. Love.

So I’ve decided that I need a meerkat. Unfortunately, the permitting process isn’t easy (and really, if zoos get rejected for these little fellas, what are the chances of my containing one in my two-bedroom apartment?).

Fortunately, there are options. I think I will adopt a meerkat, and while I am visiting “my” meerkat I can pretend that we have a real relationship and he can exploit my love for all the treats I can stuff in my pockets. I will call him Shorty.

While I’m at it, I really want to recommend the Oakland Zoo. I often leave zoos feeling sad and sorry for the animals, but all the critters we saw seemed quite content and very healthy. The enclosures were clean, the animals were well-groomed and peacefully interacting with each other. And I swear the the fattest zebras ever live there.

It also made me feel like a wildlife whisperer…several critters singled me out and/or followed me when I stood at the viewing areas of the enclosures (the meerkats, of course; then while the river otter was feeding, his little goldfish appetizer zipped directly toward me, pursued by the hungry otter, and as I braced for a collision he pinned the goldfish against the glass and gulped it down directly in front of my nose — in fact, it would have been my nose if not for the glass; the alligators swam up to where I was standing and stared through the mesh (yeah, okay, a little unnerving); a little monitor lizard clambered off his stick and ran to where I had my face to the glass, then tried to scratch my eyes out; the warthog followed me around the perimeter of her pen; the chimpanzee brought his blanket up to the fence to show me and a flying fox thought I was real purty — don’t ask how I know — I guess I must look a lot like food).


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