getting back on the horse

June 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Went to the port ride last night for the first time in ages; before we left I’d begun devoting my high-intensity time to the stuff I’m not very good at (like, um, hills) rather than playing around on the flats. I don’t want for the race on Saturday to be my first official taste of suffering since being back, though, so off to the port we went.

I was still tired. I was awfully cranky. My stomach is still fiercely angry with me. It was only the third ride for us since we returned and I don’t want to push too much too fast.

Unpleasantly familiar characters were there and I was in no mood to say anything nice and lacked the patience to say nothing at all, so we only stayed for the first two laps (the first off the front with the rabble-rousers, after I’d promised myself that I would just sit in and remember how to go fast in a group of people).

And I had soooooo much fun…


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