the world is smaller every day

May 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

After watching the news last night, I was all ready to post a bitter little ditty about the state of “social progress” in the modern world, but I just don’t have the fight in me today, so instead I’ll share this funny little story of things breaking even in the end:

When Mr. Man was on his college bike team, there was one guy on the team, John, who was always nasty to everyone (as in hitting your teammates in the head with a pump nasty). John would periodically bring a friend of his, Will, on team rides. Will was, according to Mr. Man, “this really mean dude who use to open the quick release on my mountain bike seat post while we were all riding” and start fights with everyone he could.

What is Will up to now? He’s been fired, publicly humiliated and might be headed to jail for threatening a witness — bike karma!

The universe can’t tolerate assholes forever. Oh, and Mr. Man wanted me to mention that Will’s assholishness is so strong that Floyd must be a jerk by association. I personally have no interest in the trial, the Giro or Euro-pros. Domestic women’s racing (pro and local)? Gimme.

(Good luck to the Kernies!)


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