May 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

Only ten days until we leave. I started packing last night, ’cause sitting still when there are things to do makes me tweak. I hope my shampoo doesn’t spill in my suitcase. I hope I’m bringing enough books.

This cold I came down with over the weekend seems to be getting worse…damn. At least my decision to skip Kern is justified. Gonna miss it tons. Good luck, everyone!

I want to ride a lot and hard before I leave, since I’ll be off the bike for two weeks, but being sick is forcing me to take it easy. Sigh.

Boys who support women’s racing (feeders, promoters, paparazzi, fans, all of it) are hot. (I’ve got get Mr. Man a blog so I can link him.)

Women who support women’s racing are hot, too.

So are women who race (and how great is it that I have to jabber on in parenthesis to link all the women racers on my blogroll?).

Grey Wednesdays in May? Not so much.


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