racing weakness

May 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Berkeley Hills is a hard race. It was the first race I ever attempted, after I’d only been riding for a year and a half, and I was dropped and passed by the next field back before the end of the neutral promenade (this was back when it started at the middle school, so it was even flatter than the current promenade).

Sometimes I wonder why I’m so determined to not be a sprinter. I love crits, but I long to feel like a player in road races; I’m thankful that I have the confidence and fitness to be a player in crits, but the grass is always greener…so I enter road races that I currently don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving with the group. They’re longer than I currently have the time to train for, they have hills that I’m just not currently fit enough to hack it over fast enough, and usually the women who show up to race are very well suited to the race for all the reasons that I’m not (yet).

Race by race I chip away a little bit at the barriers. It’s coming along. I can tell that I’m making progress, even if it’s more measurable in feet and seconds than miles and hours. Every time I leave it all out on the course, and every time I have a little more to leave.

And when it’s a little too much for the ego, there’s always a crit to puff me back up.

Thanks to all the feeders, cheerers and those people who stayed for the finishing stretch. Without you racing would be impossible.


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