Two and a half weeks: gotta

May 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

…solidify the packing list (thanks to Linnea for a great start).

…pick up my new no-leather (and therefore cow-friendly — did you know that Nepal is primarily a Hindu country?), quick-dry shoes and travel-friendly skirt from REI.

…do all the paperwork (fill out our visa applications, tuck away cash for our visa applications, make an emergency contact sheet, copy passports and itineraries, get traveller’s cheques, make a list of what gifts to bring home for who…).

…order graduation gifts and find a hostess gift (any ideas?).

…buy traveler’s insurance.

…find some trashy novels for the plane.

…check in with the critter-sitter.

…determine whether I will actually have the time and energy necessary to race Kern.

…figure out where Mr. Man & I should celebrate our six-year anniversary (less than two-point-five weeks away — again, any ideas?).

…attempt to pre-balance my checkbook. Ha.



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