If two races happen and no one puts up results

April 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

…did they even happen at all?

The results from the Land Park crit (a fabulous, fantastic race that I love a whole lot) went up last week on the SGW website, except for the women 4 and women 1/2/3 races. Now, I watched the women 4 and I was in the women 1/2/3, so I know those races happened. I sent a message to the guy who I think does results after they’d been up for a few days with no women included (except the few that raced with the guys that day). So far, no answer. I just sent an email* to the promoters.

Now, I didn’t place in a spot that it matters for me to have those results posted, and I’m not thinking about upgrades this year, but I know a lot of women who did and who are. And if the stuff that’s been said on the forum is true, I’m guessing that if those results aren’t up now, they aren’t going to be up at all. So, I’m going to keep checking until the Bariani results are up, and if no one’s responded to me by then and nothing has changed, well, I’ll probably start a little prodding…

*Hello —

Thank you for another fantastic weekend of racing! Three years ago, the Land Park crit was the first USCF criterium I raced in, and the only USCF race I raced in during my one collegiate season. Since then I’ve returned every year; I love the venue and I’m always impressed with how well the race is run. The addition of the Bariani road race is the cherry on top of an already fabulous event.

I noticed last week that the results from the Land Park crit went live on the SGW website; however, neither the women’s 4 nor the women’s 1/2/3 race results are included. There have been conversations about the results for Land Park & the Bariani Road Race on the ncncaracing.com forum, and I sent a private message through the forum to the person from your club who responded to results inquiries in the public threads. Since I haven’t received a response and I’m not sure he or she is checking the forum at this time, I thought I would send off an email to you also.

In the forum discussions, the difficulty of getting results posted for these races was mentioned. I definitely understand that, and appreciate the efforts of your volunteers to get results posted. However, I am concerned that those results which were omitted from the original posting — the two women’s races — won’t be posted at all because all the other results are complete and they could be overlooked. This doesn’t effect me personally, as I am not planning to upgrade this year, but I know several category 3 and category 4 women who placed well at Land Park and hoped to use those points for their upgrade requests. I hope that the results that would let them do that won’t get lost in the shuffle of finalizing Bariani results.

Thank you for your attention to this, and thanks again for a great weekend!

the Panda**

** Yeah, yeah, I’m copying the footnotes idea from Marian. So I like footnotes!


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