April 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

Aerobars make my bike’s shadow look funny.

I cleaned my chain last night after someone clued me in that my protective layer of slime might be a little excessive. Whoops.

Hungry Monday gave way to Two-of-those-please Tuesday and Where’s-the-food Wednesday.

I cracked — I’m drinking real coffee today.

The nightmares are gone; now I’m flush with overly-titillating dreams & remembering little flashes of them throughout the day makes me blush…

Our big trip is only one month away. Crazy.

I love crits, but I really, really want to be good at road races & time trials. A lot.

Sometimes my cat thinks he’s my boyfriend. Especially when I’m in bed at night. It can be a little creepy.

I envy people who can bunny-hop over things.

Madera this weekend — getting pretty psyched to give it a go, actually. Didn’t do this one last year — haven’t done a stage race other than Kern last year — but I like this whole “flat” idea. The heat, though, not so much…


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