girl overboard

April 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

Dear Cadbury,

Damn you and your dark chocolate mini eggs. You know I am powerless against you. There is no sport in toying with me.

Did you think for a moment that I would have the willpower to resist your powder-coated candy shells, your sweet (but not hurt-my-teeth-sweet) creamy chocolate inside that melts on contact with my tongue? Do you truly believe that one bag holds six (six?!?) servings? Really?

Yet, despite all the ways our relationship conflicts me, it is with a heavy heart that I near the bottom of the bag. Our time together is always so sweet and our parting leaves me wanting more. For a few weeks each year I know I can find you and continue our affair, and then you disappear entirely and leave me for nearly a year, only to come back into my life as though you’d never left.

How could you? After all the love I gave to you!

And yet I cannot break away from you…

With Love,
the Panda


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