Anyone else feeling woozy?

March 23, 2007 § Leave a comment

Our internet went out today at work. All of it, all day. Most of our business depends on “the guys” being able to access their email throughout the day, so needless to say it was a bit tense. Most of my business also depends on my being able to access my email (and blog, and online banking, and friends’ blogs, and the forum, and the news I check every day, and…), so on top of it all the day was a dragging blur for me, although without the distraction I did get some stuff done that needed to be finished.

Now I’m back. Thank goodness.

But I’m a little pooped and after sprinting for the bus I have a bit of a cough, and CSI is going to come on in seven minutes. Mr. Man’s already on the couch. So instead of talking about how Linnea and Melissa spotted me on Tunnel Road, incognito in red on laundry day (along with two other non-bloggers I know), or describing the really dark nighttime ride in the canyon that Mr. Man and I took from there (where we sang really loud while Lauren’s mountain lions and Marscat’s bobcats stalked through my head, or whimpering about how Safety Panda jumped off of my helmet sometime during that night ride, I’ll just post this:

Panda cookies!!!!!

Thank you OV & VB!

No CSI tonight in favor of a basketball game. Bastards. However, that leaves me with an opportunity to feature my favorite of the sporty little pandas on the Hello Panda box, pommel-horse Panda:


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