the process

March 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

Step 1: Wow, that was so much fun! Racing with everyone, people cheering and excited to watch, everyone coming to the tent for food — I love bike racing. And I’ve never won a prime in a 1/2/3 race before!…I wish I hadn’t let my front wheel get swept in that last corner, though. Then I could have started my sprint in good position.

Step 2: Next time I should do better. I shouldn’t let myself lose position like that, or get in situations where someone can rub my front wheel. I should have sprinted harder after that. I should have thrown my bike at the line even though I wasn’t going to get the top ten.

Step 3: Man, I really screwed that up. Crap. Maybe I’m just not cut out for this bike racing thing. Crap.

Step 4: Am I losing my edge? Do I just not want it enough? What am I doing wrong?

Step 5: What aren’t I doing wrong?

Step 6: I’ll never be any good at bike racing. All that time and money spent to train and race, gone to waste. Crap.

Step 7: (General malaise.)

Step 8: Okay, knock it off. You’re pre-registered for tomorrow’s race. People are counting on you to be there. It’s early in the season, and think about how much you’ve improved since last year when you got dropped here!

Step 9: Damn, what a bonehead thing to do. How do I always manage to screw up like this? I know what to do, why can’t I do it?

Step 10: Stop. It’s over. You did better than last year and there’s still a ton of racing to be had this season. Don’t set yourself up for a bad race tomorrow. You’re still learning and everyone is allowed a less-than-stellar race every now and then. Focus on the improvements and the prime.

Repeat steps 9 and 10 until you’re able to get back to step 1, or until bedtime, whichever comes first (usually bedtime)…


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