I’m tired

March 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

This whole thing on the forum is really sapping my energy. It feels like slapping up against a brick wall…I’m sure these are the same type of people who claim that everyone in the US has a fair chance at success no matter where they were born or what school system they went through or how much their parents made or whether they even had parents or not. The kind of minds who just “know” they’re right and won’t change it no matter what kind of reason comes at them. They assume everyone has an equal chance, and if you don’t take advantage of your shot and therefore don’t have as much success (in whatever fashion they define success) you should realize that you’re not good, not important and not worth anybody’s time or energy, then say thanks for whatever the “successful” people feel generous enough to throw at you.

It makes me ill.

And the worst part is I know they must think the same about me.


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