sunny days

March 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

After my little foray into men’s racing (I tried so hard to be nice, but the string of words that left my mouth after two fellas leaned on me in one of the corners — thankfully in sandwich formation — scared at least one guy, who apologized to me despite not having done anything wrong) and our fa-bu-licious team party on Saturday, we woke up Sunday with…wait for it…no plans. No race, no schedule, no start times, no meetings, no work, just a beautiful sunny day and wide open roads.

Mr. Man: “I don’t know if I remember how to just ride.”
Me: “I know! When’s the last time this happened? Let’s do Pig Farm.”
Mr. Man: “Sure, but can we maybe not hammer the whole ride?”
Me: “Absolutely. I’m pretty tired.”

Three hours later, the home stretch…

Me: (Sitting up after a long time on the front) “Oh, wait, you wanted to take it easy, right?”
Mr. Man: “Yeah. I’m going to be so bejeebered when we get home…”
Me: “I think I already am.”
Mr. Man: “Yeah.”

True to his word, the bejeebered Mr. Man fell into bed within 45 minute of being at home. He did take more than half of the sprints. And gaw is he cute when he’s groggy.


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