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March 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

I am spitting mad right now.

Geez, whatever happened to applauding DIVERSITY?”

Well, Jess, as far as I can tell, YOU are the biggest force acting on peloton diversity right now. Only you’re not really causing anyone except yourself to applaud, and you’re wreaking havoc on other fields. Thanks to your need for “diversity” and your unwillingness to get out and race with your cat 3 peers (because cycling is divided into categories, and your only peers are the people in your category — age is a nice excuse for some folks who need them, but it has nothing to do with peer groups) one entire category of already often-overlooked racers can’t race at all. Yeah, your dedication to diversity really humbles me.

“If they are truly still Cat 1 caliber, they have a talent advantage there anyway.”

And if you were still truly cat 3 caliber, you would suck it up and race with the cat 3s. Most of us have jobs and work, regardless of age, and there are few of us who would be so arrogant and ridiculous as to demand his own category because he doesn’t want to go against the people who are his designated peers. If you can’t hang with the 3s, downgrade. Don’t cry and whine until some racers are kept from racing at all. And don’t give me this “I just want a chance to win”. Leave that for the cat 3 women who are forced to race with current Olympians and National Champions, or the cat 4 women who can’t race at all.

Fight it fight it fight it….breathe…down, girl…

And more. This is what I sent to the promoter of the race who sent the announcement to the NCNCA list. Feel free to put your name at the bottom and send it off. They need to know how mad everyone is about this.

Dear person who sent the email notification —

Actually, I notice that your race does not include “all categories from Junior to Master’s to Elite.” There is no race for the category 4 women. That is tremendously disappointing to me, especially coming from a club like LGBRC that supposedly prides itself on being dedicated to cycling development. How can you develop a sport by denying an entry-level category the opportunity to race? I won’t even bring up the fact that category 3 women are being stuffed in with the Pro/1/2 field.

I am very disappointed by LGBRC’s choice to provide certain groups with the opportunity to race up to three times during the day while preventing one key (and often-overlooked) category from racing at all. This is not the way to support cycling’s growth. I plan to write letters to the NCNCA asking that they not include Cat’s Hill in the Premier Series next year, and suggest to BAWC that they remove the Timpani criterium from their racing series if both races do not include races for both category 4 and category 3 women. After all, why should your organizations receive extra support when you are not supporting the development of this sport. I will have to think long and hard about racing at Cat’s Hill this year, and my gut feeling is to abandon this race the way that it has abandoned the category 4 women who want to race it. It is a shame that a race with such a storied history has made such a bad decision. Thanks for nothing.

Best regards,
the Panda
Category 2


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