March 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

I almost hate to say it, because I still had to get up a teeny weeny bit before the sun was fully shining while my sweetie stayed ensconced under the covers, but…I love this kind of morning. The light is crisp and happy, the cold isn’t overwhelming, I have just the right level of butterflies to keep me both focused and optimistic about the races this weekend, the new place that I tried this morning makes the best vanilla lattes I’ve had (and said latte is currently flirting with a savory bagel in my tummy), work is calm but there is enough to keep me busy, I’m almost completely packed for the weekend and did I mention how excited I am to race tomorrow?

The McLane…er, Merco…crit course is one of my favorites. I love the quick switch of the chicane, the fast finish, the sneakiness of all those corners…technical courses are one of the few places I ever feel graceful, fluid; thanks to my size I fit in spots that are off-limits to bigger girls, and each new race I feel my comfort and confidence as a competitor increasing.

This is going to be awesome.

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