boondock sports

February 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

A couple of friends got me thinking about the more…well, the word “redneck” came up…pastimes that colored my good ol‘ days (and the odd weekend even today).

– Animals. As in messing with. I grew up horse crazy & rode whenever I could. On our street we had horses, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, turkeys, dogs, birds, tortoises, cats, llamas, a pot-bellied pig and camels (yep, I said camels). Always something to go and mess with or try to catch.
– BB guns. Subcategory: soda cans.
– Bows & arrows. I don’t mean archery, either; I mean making our own and using them to swordfight, and watching the neighbor target practice with his illegal hunting crossbow.
– Capture the flag.
– Carving. You name it, we carved it: soap bars, little pieces of wood, initials in the deck and customized walking sticks, shapes in the dirt (see also: digging), and occasionally chunks of meat out of each other or ourselves.
– Cribbage. If you don’t know what cribbage is, ask me & I’ll teach you how to play for money.
– Crazy jumps. Off of big rock overcroppings into the river, out of trees because the boys bet I wouldn’t, off the monkey bars at school because it made the yard duties nervous…
– Digging. Between the three of us kids my folks could work that Tom Sawyer angle pretty well.
– Forts. The treehouse started it, but the best ones were the little caverns critters made in the deerweed. No one ever found you in there.
– Horseshoes. The game.
– Lizards. We called ’em all bluebellies and for a while I was fast enough to catch the baby ones.
– Oil barrels. Not just for petroleum anymore; the fifty-five gallon size will fit a ten year-old, and if we were lucky and rotated through the order fast we could get several runs down the hill before Dad gave out from catching us…
Sneakin‘. What else are you supposed to do with all that crazy, treed-in space?
Swampin‘. The creek on our patch of land isn’t usually big enough to swim in (except for the big bad storm floods, but then it’s too cold to swim in), but the polliwogs loved the muck and I loved the polliwogs.
– Trees. So many to climb and nest in.
– Wagons. Land-luge is probably a better category for this one, since we ripped all the sides out & made them as aero as possible, then hauled them up to the top of Dead Man’s Hill and let rip. Skateboards worked in a pinch.

Good times.


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