catch-up snippets

February 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

This weekend I went up to visit my brother and we did little bit of this and some of this:

(Though I probably looked more like this…)

We had fun, even though I felt like this for a few days afterward.

I think I saw Lauren on Sunday while I was doing sprints with a teammate, but by the time I convinced my heart that it did not actually want to leap out of my chest in a flashy stream of varmint she was gone.

Recovery days are hard. I don’t like going slow, especially just because it’s going to be good for me and better for the tickle in my throat. I suppose it’s at least good mental training, though.

The stuff for my PowerTap came last night, so tonight I get to try and set it up to see if the hub really works! So far it doesn’t, but I’m hoping that changing the batteries in the hub will help with that.

I’m about to miss my bus…


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