Keeping the Panda happy

February 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

If the Panda is going out of her way to help you out and you commit to a time to meet with her, do not back out the morning of the meeting. If she is nice enough to reschedule with you, do not make her wait outside in the cold for fifteen minutes, then send an email after the time you said you would meet her saying you’re running fifteen minutes late, then not show up for another thirty minutes.

And if you have the balls to do all of these things, using up all the Panda’s break time, you should really thank her boss who was standing there when you came up to her office to make sure the Panda helped you (after all that), because the boss spared you the wrath of the Panda.

And from here on out you can be damn-skippy-sure that the Panda ain’t giving up any wheels for you. Not one.

And you thought elephants had long memories…


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