Signs the universe wants you to take an extra rest day

February 14, 2007 § Leave a comment

1. After waiting an extra hour so you can ride to the port with your sweetie, he calls to tell you that he is still running late and doesn’t feel like doing a ride tonight.

2. When you go to top off your tires, your rear tire is flat.

3. The tire on your spare rear wheel? Also flat.

4. Your sweetie does not hear his phone when you call to ask if you can use his rear wheel.

5. Twice.

6. Both of your wheels are notoriously difficult to change and hurt your thumbs to get the tire back on, but you change the training tire anyway. This takes a whopping 25 minutes.

7. Once you get to the port for the ride, you realize that your back tire is half flat again, despite your having checked for pokey things in the rubber and avoided patches of sketch on the ride down.

8. When you call your sweetie to ask him if he will pick you up so you don’t have to spend half an hour in the cold trying to change your stupid tire again, he is still trying to get change for the bus & can’t hear his phone.

9. Twice.

10. When you do finally reach your sweetie, he isn’t even home yet and therefore can’t leave right away to rescue you.

11. After all is said and done, when your sweetie has picked you up and you’ve made it back upstairs and you go to get on the rollers to do your workout, you remember that both of your rear tires are still flat.

Screw it. I made cookies instead.


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