I don’t like Mondays

February 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

…they always shoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oot little me down.

Okay, maybe not always, but this one in particular has carried me up to an unexpected excitement & then took a minute to sucker-punch me back down a couple of times.

My job interview went pretty well, despite my being rather underqualified for a significant part of the job and my getting mildly lost on the way over. I’m not sure that I’ll get this one, but that would be okay because one of my interviewers (the friend-of-a-friend who wanted me to know about the job in the first place) mentioned that soon they would have an opening for a staff writer and thought that might be more up my alley. Hell yes it might be! So now I’m all excited about a job that isn’t even available yet. And here at work we just hired another full-time assistant to free me up for some projects, which will be really helpful.

Then in my excitement I further screwed up the boss’ already-wrong email to the company, and got to send not one but two correction emails to the group (let me tell you, the peanut gallery looooooooves these events). And I get to start trying to explain to people that I can feel like I did a good job as a bike racer even if I didn’t win. Guess there has to be some trade-off…I’ll take it.

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