falling apart

January 31, 2007 § Leave a comment

Ever since I remember I’ve been a bit of an ox, medically speaking. Usually healthy, little need to go to the doctor (except for the occasional bit of trauma to my face & checks for the nasty & aggressive little stuffs that run through my bloodline), generally immune to the annual round of winter viruses.

Just this month I got my first two cavities ever (but I’ve had an accident-induced root canal so the fillings weren’t anything too scary), and found out that my heart mutters. The mutter made me nervous at first, but my blood work & electrode-test-thingy came back fine so no follow up was necessary. Then no word for three weeks, so I figure I’m in the clear.

Just a minute ago they called to schedule an echocardiogram. Now I have to try and quell the nerves as I do more research & wonder why I need this after given the a-ok. (Maybe in my research I’ll find out what the elusive penguin-easter bunny cross is.)

And I did remember my other blog, but now it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


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