When I was younger,

January 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

…I made lists of dreams jobs during games of M.A.S.H., and they always went like this, 1. Actress, 2. Model, 3. Singer, 4. Writer, just like everyone’s.

…I desperately wanted to be a military spy.

…I never rode bikes, but I did push them up hills and cling to them as they flew back down.

…I idolized Cheetarah from Thundercats and She-ra, of course.

…I petted a mountain lion.

…I wished I would just be grown up already so I could do stuff.

…I divided my time evenly between tree branches and Nancy Drew books.

…I played Clue with my best friend over the phone.

…I slept on the floor by choice.

…I waited for the mail every day, hoping that someone had sent me a letter.

…I learned to play the saxophone because my music teacher said that most girls didn’t.

…I believed that every boy and girl who didn’t like me had broken my heart.

…I denied that I would ever do many things I have since done.

…I spread thousands of pennies all over a run on my floor and my friends and I played in them like a sandbox.

…I beat up the neighborhood bully just once.

…I didn’t ever think about the past.

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